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Working Wonders Children's Museum was a small children's museum in the downtown Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon, United States. The tagline of the museum was Explore. Discover. Imagine. Create. Connect. The museum closed on October 3, 2009 due to the poor economic conditions in Central Oregon which caused difficulty in fundraising efforts for the museum.

An outraged visitor shared this in a review about Working Wonders Children's Museum: ¨Some places go out with bang and others with a whimper. If I gave my latest visit to Central Oregon a theme, it would be the Damn Recession Tour. There are a lot of businesses going under and others struggling to remain profitable. For this wonderful place, time ran out.

Working Wonders was Bend's version of Portland's Children's Museum. It was tops on my son's list of favorite activities in the area and we've visited multiple times over the years. When I checked their website last weekend, I saw the notice that October 3rd was their last day of operation. They decided to throw a going away party.

Our visit reminded me why we loved this place and are sad to see it go. We ate cake and played in the pizza parlor, grocery store and vet's office one last time and took pictures to remember. The staff was a little misty eyed but still putting on a good show. They even had balloons and goody bags when we left.

It would have been easy just to note they are closed, but I wanted to say a public thank you to the staff and let the community know that when things turn around, I hope local businesses are able to provide some resources and reopen this gem. And if you were an annual pass or punch card holder of Working Wonders, the High Desert Museum will honor your passes for free admission to their facility for a certain amount of time. Completely classy move by both organizations.

There were a lot of lessons learned this weekend and it was a good teaching experience for my son. Not all lessons are fun, but if you are lucky, they include cake.¨


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